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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Incident and Hazard Reporting

Staff report an incident or hazard through the C.H.A.R.M application located on the Staff Portal.

Students report an incident or hazard through OASIS via the "Campus Life & Guild" tab

All students and staff must report any incidents or hazards via the University's online system.

Visitors and contractors are to report any incidents or hazards to their Curtin Responsible person to report via the University's online system.

C.H.A.R.M. PocketSafety App

Use the app to report Incidents and Hazards whilst out and about, and seamlessly integrate to C.H.A.R.M. once online.

Download the app for free for iPhone, iPads and Android devices on the Apple Itunes and Google Play Stores. For assistance logging in and setting up the app for the first time, please use the C.H.A.R.M. PocketSafety Guide.

What to report

Please report (as soon as possible):

    • All injuries/ illnesses (events that cause an illness or injury requiring medical attention).
    • All near-misses (events that do not cause injury but have the potential to do so).
    • All hazards (anything that has the potential to cause ill health or injury).
    • All other incidents including environmental, property damage, spills etc.
    • The Hazard Quick Guide and Incident Quick Guide will assist you with completing the Online Notification form.

    Supervisors and/or eye witness(es) may assist the injured person when appropriate or necessary. If you have any difficulties accessing the online reporting, please contact the Health, Safety and Emergency Management team on 9266 4900.

    Benefits of reporting all accidents, incidents, near-misses and hazards:

    • Investigations (where appropriate) can be performed, and action taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident.
    • Trend analyses of the collected information can be performed, allowing the organisation to focus preventative efforts on areas of most concern.
    • A formal record is kept for the University and employee, should it be required at a later date as evidence that the event took place.
    • Legal requirements connected with reporting of injury and workers' compensation are adhered to.

The following C.H.A.R.M Guides are available to assist you to navigate the Incident/Hazard Reporting module.

C.H.A.R.M Manager/Supervisor/SHR Guide

C.H.A.R.M Hazard Quick Guide - Updated!

C.H.A.R.M Incident Quick Guide - Updated!

C.H.A.R.M. Psychological Incident Quick Guide - Updated!

Who conducts an investigation?

  • The Manager or Supervisor with the assistance of the Safety & Health Representative.
  • The Manager & Supervisor Guide will assist Managers/Supervisors and Safety & Health Representatives with completing the Investigation and a Corrective Action Plan on the C.H.A.R.M. online system.
  • The Health and Safety team and/or specialist if the accident is serious. 

Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation Procedure 

Injury Classification Guideline 

Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation Flow chart

Workers' Compensation

Injury Management