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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Chemicals

Arrangements have been made for Toxfree to attend the Bentley (incl. Technology Park) campus at the beginning of June and December each year to dispose of unwanted chemicals. An all staff email will be sent with the exact date of collection in the month prior to the collection.

The cost of this collection will be charged to the area’s cost centre as indicated on the attached Chemical Disposal Manifest form.

Chemical Disposal Process:

1.       Print your ChemAlert stock register/s for your chemical stores.

2.       Identify any chemicals that are not listed on your stock register/s.  

3.       Identify chemicals for disposal.

4.       Prior to combining chemical waste, ensure product/by-product and storage requirements are known.

5.       Use the ChemAlert Custom Product module to create a label to ensure all chemical waste containers  accurately reflect their contents.

6.       Ensure that chemicals for disposal are stored appropriately until collection (labelled, segregated, bunded, ventilated, sealed and secured appropriately).

7.       Complete the Chemical Disposal Manifest and email them to the Health,Safety and Emergency Management Department by close of business two weeks prior to the disposal date.  Manifests sent after this date will not be included in the collection.

8.       Update your ChemAlert stock register to reflect retained chemicals within two weeks of collection.

9.       Print the ChemAlert Storage Incompatibilities Report and include the Segregation Guide in the appendix to identify the correct segregation and storage of retained chemicals

10. HAZCHEM reports are produced two weeks after the collection.

Please note that Toxfree will not dispose of ‘unknowns’.  If you have any ‘unknowns’ you will need to contact ChemCentre on 9422 9800 to have them analysed and identified prior to disposal.

Please note that this manifest document is the only manifest format that will be accepted.

Who do we call with questions?

If you have any queries, please contact Health, Safety and Emergency Management via email or on 9266 4900.

Waste Chemicals Manifest

Chemical Disposal Manifest