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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Chemical Registers

Chemical Register Requirements

Each area is required to maintain a register of all the hazardous substances held. As a minimum, this register must include:

  • A list of each substance
  • Storage location
  • A Safety Data Sheet

This register must be readily accessible to all affected employees.

Emergency Services Manifest Requirements

For the purposes of identifying hazards during an emergency, all buildings are required to have a separate manifest stating:

  • Aggregate quantity of Dangerous Goods broken down by their classification
  • Storage locations within the building

These manifests must be readily accessible to all affected employees, and a hard copy must be kept at the buildings fire panel.

How do I Access the Registers relevant to my area?

At Curtin University, this information is available from the "Stock" tab of Chem Alert. You will need to obtain a user name and password to access this information for your area.

How are the Registers Maintained?

Regular audits and subsequent updating of Chem Alert is required to ensure that registers remain accurate.