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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Health and Safety Committees

University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC)

The UHSC advises the University on all matters relating to workplace health and safety.

The Committee is responsible for:

Developing and reviewing The University Health and Safety Management Systems policies and procedures and making recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor.
Promoting A healthy and safe working environment and safe working practices.
Resolving Workplace health and safety issues in accordance with the University's Resolution of Health and Safety Issues processes.
Monitoring and reporting Matters of importance in relation to Health and Safety Management Systems. Health and Safety Reports can be found here

UHSC Constitution

UHSC Structure

UHSC Minutes and Reports      

Recommendations are channelled through the Planning and Management Committee.

Health and Safety Sub Committees:


Curtin Business School

Health Sciences


Science & Engineering

Individual areas are responsible for storing subcommittee minutes. To view subcommittee minutes please contact the individual area.

Specialist Advisory Committees:

Hazardous Substances Committee

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Radiation Safety Committee