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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Risk Assessments

Q. What is a risk assessment and where do I find one?
A. Risk assessment is the process where you:
  • Identify hazards
  • Analyse or evaluate the risk associated with that hazard
  • Determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard.
  • In practical terms, a risk assessment is a thorough look at your activity/event to identify those things, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm, particularly to people. After identification is made, you evaluate how likely and severe the risks are and then decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening. The template for a risk assessment can be found on the policies & procedures webpage.
    Q. When can I do a risk assessment?
    A. This can be done at any time once you know what activities are being undertaken. However, once completed you will need to send it to your relevant Safety Advisor for review and comment as soon as possible prior to the activity.
    Q. Can I use the same risk assessment used previously for the same events?
    A. Yes, as long as it is for the same event. However you must review the risk assessment for any changes (i.e. dates, times, other identified risks), update it and have it signed off again by the responsible person.
    Q. Who owns the risk associated with any activity?
    A. The risk associated with any activity remains with the person or group who is arranging the activity.
    Q. On the generic risk assessment form, what is the difference between the first risk rating and the residual risk assessment?
    A. The first risk rating is the risk ranking on the hazard where no controls are in place, the residual risk ranking is the risk ranking once all controls are in place. The residual risk should be a lower overall risk than the initial risk assessment, otherwise the activity should be reviewed or modified.
    Q. I need to use a contractor. Is there anything Curtin University require me to do prior to work commencing?
    A. Maintenance, service or repair work must not be arranged by a Faculty without prior consultation with Properties Operations Department (Formerly: Facilities Management). Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers must be prequalified prior to commencing any works on a Curtin University Campus. Where a faculty engages a person from a labour hire company, the labour hire company is required to be prequalified. Assistance with identifying approved labour hire companies can be verified by the Health, Safety and Emergency management department. Where a Faculty engages a person to work on behalf of the University, the Health and Safety Department shall be consulted in regards to registration, prequalification and inductions.