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Curtin University
Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines by Principles

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines documents organised by Health and Safety Management Standard Principles. 

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Management Standard Document
Leadership and Commitment 

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Poster - Updated!

Accountability and Responsibilities

Health and Safety Management Standards

Health and Safety Responsibilities Procedures

Management Standard  Document 

Planning, Objectives and


H&S Legal Obligations Register - Updated!

HSEM KPI Guideline

2017 Key Performance Indicators - New!

Management Standard   Document
Hazard and Risk Management


Alcohol and Other Drugs Guidelines

Campus Security Services

Events Health, Safety and Emergency Management Guide

Events Hazardous Chemicals Guide

Events Risk Assessment Template - Updated!

HSEM Guidelines for Presenters - Updated!

Hazardous Materials

Blood Handling Guidelines

Eye Wash Stations & Safety Showers Guidelines

Pre-purchase Risk Identification Guideline

Sharps Injury & Blood Exposure Guidelines

Chemical Management Plan

Chemical Risk Assessment Form - Updated!

Chemical Disposal Manifest

Chemical Disposal Request Form

Chemical Segregation Chart

Chemical Pre-Purchase Checklist

Gas Pre-Purchase Checklist

Laboratory Signage Template - New!

Material Pre-Purchase Checklist

Nanoparticle Risk Assessment Form - New!




Cyanide Emergency Response Guide

Hazardous Materials

Hydrofluoric Acid - Updated!

Radiation Safety

Incident/Hazard Reporting

Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation Procedure

Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation Flowchart

C.H.A.R.M Manager/Supervisor/SHR Guide

C.H.A.R.M Hazard Quick Guide - Updated!

C.H.A.R.M Incident Quick Guide - Updated!

C.H.A.R.M Psychological Incident Quick Guide

Injury and Workers' Compensation

Injury Classification Guideline

Workers' Compensation

Injury Management

Workers' Compensation, Injury Management and Disability Policy

Fieldwork, Off campus work

Driver Safety Guidelines

Fieldwork Definition

Fieldwork Manual

Fieldwork Policy

Fieldwork Preliminary Risk Identification

Fieldwork Risk Matrix

Working Alone or in Isolation Guidelines

School of Science Diving Manual

Plant and Equipment

3D Printer Guideline - New!

Commissioning of Plant and Equipment Checklist - New!

Electrical Safety Procedures

Lock out Tag Out Guideline

Plant Pre-Purchase Checklist - New!

Plant Risk Assessment Guidelines

Plant Risk Assessment Form

Pressure Vessel Compliance Checklist

Risk Assessment

Risk Management Procedure

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Guidelines

C.H.A.R.M Risk Assessment Guide - New!

Health and Safety Risk Matrix

Generic HSEM Risk Assessment (RA) Form - Updated!

Safe Work Procedure template

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Form  - Under Review

Workplace Inspections

Workplace Inspections Procedure

Workplace Inspection Checklists

Communication, Consultation and Engagement

H & S Committees

University Health and Safety Committee structure

Health, Safety and Emergency Management Website

Consultation and Communication Guidelines  - Updated!

Resolution of Health and Safety Issues Guidelines

Resolution of Health and Safety Issues Poster

Safety & Health Representatives

SHR Guideline   - Updated!                  

Manage SHR Vacancies   - Updated!

SHR Nomination Form   - Updated!

SHR Resignation Form   - Updated!

Training Competency and Safe Work Behaviour

HSEM Training

HSEM Training and Induction Guidelines - New!

Code of Conduct

Local Area Staff Induction Checklist

New Staff Induction Guidelines

Visitor Induction Checklist Template

TNA Data Analysis Spreadsheet Template - New!

TNA Matrix Legend - New!

TNA Matrix Template - New!

TNA Questionnaire Template - New!

TNA Staff Training Records Template - New!

Contractors, Suppliers and Partners

Contractor Safety Management

Contractor / Consultant Online Induction

Contractor Safety Handbook

Site Access Authority

Contractor Pre-Qualification Registration Request

Contractor EM Notice - Updated!

Work Permits

Management of Change and Document Control Curtin University Policies and Procedures Framework
Health and Occupational Hygiene

Asbestos Management Information

Asbestos Management Plan

Components of the Contractor Asbestos Removal Control Plan

Required Components of the Contractor Site Clearance Certificate

Contractor Checklist

Emergency Response

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Procedures Booklet

Evacuation Guideline for People with Disabilities - New!

Emergency Evacuation Guidelines - New!

First Aid Risk Assessment Guidelines

First Aid Risk Assessment Template

First Aid Risk Assessment Sample

First Aid Guidelines

First Aid Officers

First Aid Appointment Form

First Aid Report Form

First Aid Poster Template

First Aid Kit Record

Chief Warden Aide Memoire

Evacuation Checklist

CW Evacuation Report Template

Warden Evacuation Report Template

CW Poster Template

Warden Poster Template

Management Standard  Document 
Performance Evaluation and Monitoring

Staff Performance and Development Policy

H&S Performance Reports

Management Standard Document 
 Reviews, Audits and Continuous Improvement