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Health & Safety

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Incident Response Teams (IRT) are multi-skilled teams suitably trained to direct and control the implementation of Curtin University’s emergency response procedures. IRT’s are building specific teams otherwise referred to as an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) in AS 3745-2010 - Planning for emergencies in facilities. IRT’s are crucial to Curtin University’s emergency response planning, providing timely and effective first response to emergency situations.

The Importance of Wardens during an Emergency     

A sufficient number of IRT members are required to ensure that whenever the facility is occupied, IRT members are available to respond to an emergency and to enable the facility to be checked and evacuated quickly and efficiently without compromising anyone’s safety.

It is the responsibility of Facility Managers/Head of School/Head of Department to ensure an IRT exists and has adequate staffing levels to facilitate its function. In the event a building is shared between school(s)/departments, those school(s)/departments must cooperate and coordinate these arrangements and jointly share the responsibility.

Training and exercising the IRT will be directed by Curtin University Emergency Management. The capacity and capability of the IRT will be assessed appropriate to the facility or building. Considerations during assessment include –

  • the size of the building or facility
  • the number of occupants and visitors
  • the abilities and/or limitations of occupants
  • awareness of PEEPs in place for users of the facility or building
  • the installed occupant warning equipment
  • the fire engineered and life safety features of the building or facility
  • the hazards contained within the building or facility

The primary objective of Incident Response Team members is to ensure their own personal safety and survival during an emergency situation. Life safety shall take precedence over asset protection during an emergency.

Other objectives include –

  • taking a leadership role during an emergency evacuation directing building occupants to a safe place of assembly
  • protecting people endangered by an emergency situation
  • protecting property endangered by an emergency situation if safe to do so
  • assisting the emergency services
  • assisting to restore normality after an emergency situation

All members of an Incident Response Team will be identifiable by a coloured tabard issued by the University. These tabards are used to enable quick identification of IRT members by staff, students and Emergency Services. This will greatly assist situational control and timely emergency response activities.

  • Chief Warden
  • Deputy Chief Warden
  • Warden
  • First Aid


IRT Recruitment Posters

Please print and put these posters up in your building/area to recruit members of the IRT.

I Want You Poster 1

I Want You Poster 2

We Can Do It Poster 1

We Can Do It Poster 2

For further information relating to IRT’s please contact us