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First Aid


Due to the potential risks posed by COVID-19 when administering first aid, we have consulted with the St John WA clinical governance team to modify some first aid procedures.

In cardiac arrests, early CPR and early defibrillation are the two things that drastically increase a patient’s chance of survival. Delaying these can be the difference between life and death. With the heavy reduction in people on campus, the risk of having a sudden cardiac arrest is low.

If there is a cardiac arrest on campus

1. Call 000 immediately, and then notify Safer Community Team ASAP on extension 4444.

2. First aiders and first responders should only administer first aid assistance (including CPR and defibrillator) if safe to do so, and if they are comfortable their skills are at the required level.            

3. Treatment for a cardiac arrest should always default to the Safer Community Team until an ambulance arrives.

4. Full PPE must now be worn when performing resuscitation on a patient that has cardiac arrest:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Surgical mask

If you do not have this PPE, please wait for the Safer Community Team to arrive.

5. First responders/first aiders should not perform rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth). Only go near the airway to check patency (is it clear, i.e. no obstructions) and to open the airway (head tilt and chin lift). A spare surgical mask or a light cloth (tea towel or paper towel) can be draped/placed over the patient’s mouth and nose. Bag valve masks and supplemental oxygen must not be used except by trained medical professionals.        

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

1. Used PPE must be removed and disposed of correctly to avoid possible transmission. The attached document outlines the correct procedures for potentially contaminated PPE (source: SA Health).

2. PPE, hand washing and thorough cleaning appear to be effective in combatting COVID-19.  At present, chest compressions and defibrillation can still be administered if PPE is correctly utilised.

The University has trained First Aid Officers on campus appointed by their Division or Office as responsible for the provision of first aid services and facilities. For more information review;

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