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Curtin University
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At Curtin University

The Emergency Management Portfolio, in consultation with key stakeholders, has developed and implemented an overarching Emergency Management Plan (EMP). The aim of the EMP is to outline the management structure, responsibilities, procedures and guiding policies to assist Curtin University when responding to an emergency event. The EMP directs the response efforts and works in conjunction with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and department specific plans which complement and coordinate overall efforts and provides more depth and specific knowledge and expertise.

In Western Australia

What is emergency management? The managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with emergencies.

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Emergency Management refers to the plans, structures and arrangements which are established to bring together the normal activities of government, voluntary and private organisations to address emergency risks to the community. These risks are managed via a process known as the All Hazards Approach incorporating prevention, preparation, response and recovery (PPRR). The nature of emergencies and their management requires an inherent flexibility in arrangements and capabilities in order to respond to a range of hazards that create risk to the community.

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Emergency Management in Western Australia is structured around a specific piece of legislation known as the Emergency Management Act 2005 (the Act). The Act establishes the basis for a broader framework of regulations (Emergency Management Regulations 2006), a committee structure, the prescription of agencies to fulfil the roles as hazard management agencies, combat agencies and support organisations, and a suite of State level plans and policies that link the operations of emergency management. This structure enables emergency management to operate effectively in Western Australia.

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The Act allows the prescription of hazard management agencies or HMAs. HMAs are prescribed due to their functions under a written law or because of their specialised knowledge, expertise and resources in respect to a particular type of hazard. By way of example the Commissioner for Police is prescribed as the HMA for road crash. HMAs will nearly always be responsible for leading a response to an emergency in relation to the type of hazard for which they are prescribed and will often be prescribed for other aspects of emergency management i.e. prevention, preparedness or recovery.

fire graphic A combat agency or support organisation will also be prescribed because of the agency's function under a written law or because of specialised knowledge, expertise and resources in dealing with a particular type of hazard or emergency management activity. They will work alongside and at the direction of the respective HMA in response to an emergency and undertake the specific emergency management activities or support functions for which they are prescribed.