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Curtin University
Work Health & Safety

Chemical Safety

Common examples of hazardous chemicals in the workplace include printer toners, cleaning products, batteries, solvents, paints, herbicides, agricultural chemicals, fuels, lubricants, herbicides, and laboratory chemicals.

Curtin University has developed a Chemical Management Plan that details the processes and expectations for the management of chemicals by all workers. This includes activities related to the procurement, storage, handling and disposal of chemicals on any of Curtin’s sites.

Chemical and Gas Purchasing

The purchasing of chemicals from a supplier or donation of chemicals from outside of the University must meet Curtin’s requirements. The Chemical Management Plan details Curtin’s requirements to ensure that all purchased chemicals and gases comply with the required legislation.

The Plan refers to the Chemical and Gas Pre-purchase Checklists which can be found at the H&S Policies & Procedures webpage under the heading Hazardous Materials. You will also be prompted to request a current Australian compliant SDS from the manufacturer if not already obtained.