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Curtin University
Work Health & Safety

Consultation and Committees

All levels of management across the University have an obligation to consult with their staff on health and safety issues which may affect them. This means it is possible to examine issues of concern and to develop solutions that can implemented appropriately.

Therefore, you will be given relevant information and an opportunity to contribute to any decision making processes which may affect your health, safety and welfare at work such as:

  • changing work systems or practices
  • the purchase of new plant or substances
  • the need to undertake risk assessments prior to commencing new activities
  • the introduction of risk control measures.

How does consultation happen?

Discussion and consultation about health and safety can take place several ways:

  • via your Health and Safety Representatives
  • in "University Health and Safety Committee" (UHSC) meetings and subcommittees
  • in normal staff meetings
  • through incident investigations.

UHSC Constitution

UHSC Structure

UHSC Minutes and Reports