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Curtin University
Work Health & Safety

Health and Safety Representatives (HSR's)

Health and Safety Rresentatives are Curtin staff elected by their colleagues to help identify, communicate and respond to health and safety issues in the workplace.

Their functions include:

  • liaising with employees
  • inspecting the areas they represent
  • investigating accidents and incidents - click here for more information on Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigations
  • keeping up with information provided by the supervisor/ manager
  • reporting hazards to the supervisor/ manager
  • referring matters to the Health and Safety Committee
  • consulting and working with the supervisor/ manager

HSR's facilitate the resolution of issues process which enables management and staff to work together to improve workplace health and safety. HSR's therefore deal regularly with co-workers, workplace supervisors and senior management.

Curtin has a number of HSR's who individually may cover several areas, and as a group cover the entire organisation. To find your local area's HSR, go to Health and Safety Representatives at Curtin.

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