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Curtin University
Health & Safety

Safety Management Plan

Q. What is a Safety Management Plan?

A. Safety Management Plans demonstrate commitment of the faculty or area management to the safety and health of staff, students, contractors and visitors.

Q. What is the purpose of a Safety Management Plan?

A. The purpose of a Safety Management Plan is to:

  • assist a faculty or area to meet its legal obligations under safety and health legislation
  • provide information on safety and health expectations to staff, students and contractors when working in the faculty or area.
Q. Why can’t the University have just one plan that everyone works within?

A. Faculty/area specific Safety Management Plans are required as:

  • every area operates differently and has a diverse range of hazards to be controlled
  • separate plans enable faculties or areas to easily identify where there may be gaps in their systems to allow correction of these deficits
  • the health and safety standards that we are accredited against require each “functional area” to have a separate Safety Management Plan
Q. What is a "functional area?”

A. There is no specific definition of a functional area within the health and safety standards. At Curtin this would be determined by the tasks undertaken within the faculty or area. Within the University this is generally considered to be a faculty or non-faculty area.

Q. Who is responsible for writing and maintaining them?

A. Safety Management Plans should be constructed by representatives from the functional area, this includes management, safety and health representatives and other relevant staff. Opportunity should be provided to staff in the area to provide feedback on the plan prior to its endorsement and as on an ongoing basis. This ensures that all relevant information for the functional area is captured within the plan.

Q. What do Safety Management Plans cover?

A. Safety management Plans should cover all aspects of the Curtin Safety Management Standards. These are based upon the relevant state, national and international health and safety standards for health and safety accreditations that the University holds. Currently this is ISO 45001.

Q. Is there a safety management plan template available to save time?

A. Yes a template Safety Management Plan is available on the Health and Safety website, and should be used by all smaller non-faculty areas. Health and Safety are also working with individual larger non-faculty and faculty areas to develop specific safety management plans separate to the template.

Q. How do I input information into the template?

A. The template contains free write boxes under each requirement. These boxes contain examples written in grey as a guide to the typical evidence that could be included for each requirement. When constructing your Safety Management Plan, delete these examples and provide links to example documents for your functional area.

Q. How many examples of each type of document need to be included as examples in the plan?

A. Usually a maximum of 2 or 3 examples of each document type is enough.

Q. I don’t want to link to some area specific documents because they are “commercial in confidence” – do I have to include them?

A. Areas can be selective about the numbers of examples and types of evidence provided in their Safety Management Plans. All external assessors who will access your Safety Management Plan sign a confidentiality agreement with Curtin University prior to coming onto site so are unable to share any information provided to them during the assessment process. Your evidence boxes need to contain enough examples to demonstrate to the assessor how well your systems function.

Q. How often do Safety Management Plans need to be reviewed?

A. Safety management Plans should be reviewed in line with the Curtin Policy Development Procedure.

Q. Is the Safety management Plan a stand-alone document?

A. “No” - Your Safety Management Plan should be included as part of or referenced within your key planning documents for the faculty/area.

Q. Once our Safety Management Plan is complete what do we do with it?

A. The Safety Management Plan should be made available to all staff and then stored within your document control system. Where faculties/area have business relationships outside the University, the plan may be requested by those companies as a demonstration of safety and health compliance. It also provides a level of confidence for entering into a business relationship with your faculty/area.

Q. Are there standard health and safety objectives and targets for the University or do areas need to create their own?

A. The University health and safety key result areas are the health and safety objectives and targets. A separate health and safety objectives and targets template is available on the HSEM webpage. Objectives and targets are reviewed annually.