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Curtin University
Work Health & Safety

Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training

Course Name:

Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training


The training provides a theory session on the principles of fire awareness and gives you the tools on how to identify different classifications of a fire and the appropriate equipment to use. The training also allows for a practical element where students will receive hands on experience of fire fighting.

Content Outline:

Principles of fire awareness
Classification of fires
Emergency equipment
Hands-on practical exercise
Reporting procedures

Who Should Attend:

All Wardens, Chief Wardens and Deputy Chief Warden

No of Participants:

A maximum of 15 participants




To register for training please log into the Staff Portal

  • Access iPerform via the application wheel
  • Under the 'Learn' tab click on 'Browse for Training'
  • Locate your course from the list
  • Available sessions will be displayed at the bottom of the next screen
  • Choose your session and click 'request'

Once registered, you will be returned to 'My Training'. All active training will appear on this screen.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received at least 5 business days before the start of each session. Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail to Emergency Management . If course fees apply, cancellation after 5 business days or a ‘no show’, the full session payment will apply. Refunds can be obtained through the Curtin ePay system. To cancel sessions please do so through iPerform to allow another staff members to take your place

Emergency Management Reserve the right to cancel any course if insufficient enrolments are received. Should this occur, those who are enrolled will be notified and will be priority for the next available course.