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Work Health & Safety

Gascare (Compressed Gas Cylinders Training)

Course Details

Course Name: Gascare (Compressed Gas Cylinder Training)

Cylinder safety is a package developed to reinforce the safe working practises of handling heavy cylinders in the work place. Compressed gas cylinders can be a potential hazard if the correct procedures are not thoroughly followed. Staff are trained in safe procedures for the Handling, Storage and Use of compressed gas cylinders.

Content Outline:

• Cylinder construction
• Correctly identify gas cylinders
• Safely store gas cylinders
• Safe transport gas cylinders
• Select correct gas equipment
• Safe handling of gas cylinders
• Gas control equipment
- Regulators
- Flashbacks
• Gas properties and hazards
- Inert
- Oxidising
- Flammable
- Toxic
• Emergency action plan

Who Should Attend: All worders who use/handle gas cylinders as part of their job
No of Participants: Maximum of 15 participants per session
Registration Please contact to organise this training for your area.