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Curtin University
Work Health & Safety

General Laboratory Safety


This training module has been created to provide you with a better understanding of safe working practices in laboratories and workshops when working with specific types of hazardous materials.

To confirm your understanding of the topics covered in this module, you will need to complete a short assessment and achieve a pass mark of 80% or more.

Content Outline:

By the end of the unit you will have the knowledge of the safe work practices and general hazards found in Curtin's laboratories/workshops, including the application of the following concepts to the laboratory environment:

  • describe how to control hazards
  • demonstrate emergency response procedures
  • complete an incident/hazard report in CHARM
  • identify common equipment
  • understand waste management

Who Should Attend:

All staff or students who work in laboratories and workshops use or have responsibilities for hazardous materials to complete this module.


This online unit is intended as a pre-requesite unit for the following training modules:

  • Biological Safety
  • Chemical and Gas Safety
  • Radiation Safety (Under development)
  • Nanotechnology


To register for training please log into the Staff Portal

  • Access iPerform via the application wheel
  • Under the 'Learn' tab click on 'Browse for Training'
  • Locate your course from the list
  • Available sessions will be displayed at the bottom of the next screen
  • Choose your session and click 'request'

Once registered, you will be returned to 'My Training'. All active training will appear on this screen.